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Traveler 2025 - PU EPOXY

Traveler 2025 - PU EPOXY

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Fast, drivey and radical

The Traveler will change your perspective of how youcan surf a twin fin. Low overall rocker, plenty of curvein the outline and a balanced forgiving wide point.

The Traveler surfs as radical as a shortboard but with theease and speed of a twin fin. The subtle beak nose withfuller boxy rails keep plenty of volume in a compactpackage.

A slight hip into a pulled in round tail meanthe board turns as fast and tight as you like. A deepdouble concave between the stance gives the perfectblend of lift and hold.

A one board answer to surfingsoft beach breaks or groomed fast points, turn hardand as tight as you’d like or take the high line and flow.

This is the ultimate Traveler. Can be surfed as a twin formore speed and that effortless feel or as a twin plus 1 for more hold and drive.


Available in 5’7”, 5’8”, 5’9”, 5’11”, 6’1”.

PU Epoxy Construction.

Futures White ILT finboxes: 3x.

Available in white.


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