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Mercury Loosefit

Mercury Loosefit

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  • Comfortable 1.5 mm Hoodie
  • Deep pockets to warm your hands
  • Hook pocket for use with a spreaderbar
  • Double Lined neoprene
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Prolimit's drive is the desire to create and build the best and most innovative products. With no compromises, they lead the market with superior technology, applying pioneering innovations across a range of top-quality products.

Their goal is to reduce the carbon footprint and make products as environmentally friendly as possible.

Therefore, they use specially recycled, eco-friendly materials and innovative techniques to minimize the impact on nature.

They prioritize sustainability over price.


It is a Mercury hoody! Made of our neolight heater 550+ limestone neoprene and Airflex 550+.The hoody has a hook pocket for your spreader bar. Styling & warmth when you are not riding to the max.

  • Comfortable 1.5 mm Hoodie
  • Deep pockets to warm your hands
  • Hook pocket for use with a spreaderbar
  • Double Lined neoprene


Airflex 550+ and 300+ Limestone neoprene
We feature 3 types of Airflex neoprene. 300+, 500+ and 550+ stretch. Airflex neoprene is made out of limestone neoprene and by changing the formula of the foaming agents we can determine the stretch in our raw material. Laminating with the different backings is determing the final flex of the panels.

Velvet AirFlex 550+ & 500+ lining
Softer than ever before, more stretch, comfortable feel and quickdry. Another milestone in wetsuit technology. Clearly recognizable because of the feel… smooth as velvet.

Down AirFlex
Our newest fabric, water repellent and dry wicking with the feel of down and the maximum stretch of our airflex neoprene. New on our Predator and Flare wetsuits. Softfeel and in combination with the Velvet AirFlex2 lining a unique material.

Neolight heather 550+
The heather fabric ads the luxury look on our Mercury and OxyGen wetsuits. Besides looks the extra yarns offer a softer, more stretch and a smooth feel to the outer lining. The two tone colorscheme also indicates the areas in which the unique TR lining is used. Now in combination with our velvet feel Airflex2 inner lining and Thermal Rebound triple layering. Nasa technology incorporated.

Limestone neoprene & Limestone reach compliant
Limestone neoprene is more effective, more comfortable, longer lasting and eco friendly compared to petroleum based neoprene. This makes our wetsuits easy to take off, have less drag and increased buoyancy for increased performance in above watersports.Reach Compliant means we have achieved to ban the use of extender oils in our neoprene sheets for a better environment. PAH neutral neoprene has improved characteristics such as weight, stretch and it prevents skin irritation that could be caused by extender oil residues or solvent containing glues and complies with the most strict rules for Restrict of Chemicals (Reach) as regards to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Glued and blindstitched seams
Triple glued panels are stitched together with a special stitching method. Partially puncturing the neoprene to keep the water tightness of the wetsuit seam. Each thread is protected by a tape at the end. Our perfect finish makes our glued and blind stitched wetsuit indestructible. Precise seam and material placement for a tailored fit. Designed to fit your body without over-stretching the neoprene, which prevents stretched out thin neoprene and loss of thermal insulation.

Thermal Rebound
The 4 layer construction Thermal Rebound lining technology goes back to the mid 1970’s where NASA developed the thermal blankets for their manned missions into space as insulation. This effect of survival blankest for the protection against cold conditions is now available in our neoprene wetsuits.

Zodiac2 lining
Zodic Jacquard velvet fleece on the inside, layered with a quick dry thermal fleece for more warmth and comfort. It absorbs the water from the skin, releases quickly and increases comfort.


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